Billions of New IoT Devices are Creating a Data Governance Gap

With billions of connected devices coming online every year, microshare™ ensures data security, privacy and enables new business models

BARCELONA, SPAIN — 27 February 2017 – microshare™, a leading data management provider, today unveiled its newest solution designed to fill the governance and monetization gap between network servers and data consumers.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting billions of new devices every year, including home sensors, remote health monitoring, wearables and connected cars. All these devices are creating valuable data which is typically handled directly from the network to the application or user. “A gap exists in how to consistently enable the data owner to monitor and control who has access to this data and for what purposes,” said Ron Rock, CEO of “Moreover, many IoT business models rely on the consumer paying a subscription fee, which slows down adoption or drives churn past an initial free period.”

Microshare has developed the patent-pending Policy Fabric and microshare platform to address this gap. This provides telecom carriers, network suppliers and equipment manufacturers with a solution to ensure compliance from a data governance standpoint as well as enable new business models where multiple parties may pay for some of the data and the consumer gets a free service in return for the data.

“Storing, accessing, enriching and sharing IoT data are the necessary complement for our customers or our customers’ customers to build their own applications,” said Hardy Schmidbauer, CEO of TrackNet Inc. “Combining our sensors, gateways and network server with the microshare data management platform is the fastest route to market for new private and large-scale IoT operators.”

About provides a highly scalable data management solution for the Internet of Things, enabling data storage and controlled access while maintaining privacy, security, confidentiality and applying context through a ready-built single API. The solution can be used as a cloud service or embedded inside a more complete offering. The solution has already been deployed at a major carrier deploying a LoRa network and has been tested with several LPWAN network servers, including solutions from Actility, Kerlink, Orbiwise, Stream, TrackNet and Sagemcom. has offices in Philadelphia, PA and in the United Kingdom. More information is available at


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