Solutions - Augmented Data

Microshare™ Stream services constantly work for you to augment your data with context, rules, monetization and audit

Your photo collection became a lot easier to use and more valuable once you could search photos by time, location or even by faces. This “meta-data” or additional attributes to the raw picture were either automatically captured at source by the device taking the picture (e.g. timestamp, location), added later by a human or derived by a computer using machine learning and artifical intelligence (e.g. face recognition).

Microshare Stream is about augmenting your raw data to equally make it more useful and making you more productive through the use of automated tools adding the right meta-data to the raw information, whether that information is a sensor reading that needs unencrypting, a document which needs to be routed or a financial transaction which needs to be scrutinised.

Microshare Stream is a collection of micro-services designed for very high-throughput processing of millions of pieces of data simultaneously, adding value through applying both rules and context to carry out a multitude of activities such as:

  • verify the source of the data is trusted and true
  • unpack, decrypt or transform information for easier utilisation by downstream consumers
  • detect thresholds or patterns which should trigger action via workflow
  • ensure information is transferred to the right recipients
  • verify that only the right persons or systems access the information
  • detect potential frauds using patterns either explicitly described or inferred through machine learning
  • publish the information to multiple subscribers to derive utility value from the data
  • create billing events for accessing the data
  • and many more

Microshare™ Stream is particularly adapted to the high volumes of data generated by Internet of Things sensors


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