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Microshare™ IoT is proven to work with leading network servers, gateways and edge computing to harness the connected economy

The Internet of Things is developing at an accelerated rate to provide solutions to make our life smarter: smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, smart healthcare, smart transport or smart energy and many more.

Every Internet of Things solutions is enabled by three components:

  1. sensors/devices: the famous “Things” which measure, detect and generate data, also called “end points” or ”nodes”
  2. network/radio: the mechanism through which data is transported
  3. applications: the consumers of the information which display or make use of the data

The initial wave of IoT tended to create a direct exclusive link between all three. For example “the accelerometer (sensor) on my fitness wristband communicates via Bluetooth (network) to my phone where I use an app (application) to view how many steps I’ve taken today”, or “sensors in the drinks dispensing machine send stock levels over the cellular network to the depot to initiate a delivery to refill”.

Organisations are now realising that the real value of IoT is not simply using the information for a single context but over and over for multiple users and enriching the raw information with more context from other sources. So for example, the steps information can be valuable for your health insurance, your doctor, your personal trainer or your nutritionist. That information can be made richer with context around your location, your work patterns, the weather and even traffic or public transport availability which may all influence how much you can or want to walk. None of this can happen without full adherence to the user’s privacy and compliance with data regulations. Don Deloach, Emil Berthelsen and Wael Elfifai described this approach with the concept of “first receiver” of IoT data in their visionary book “The Future of IoT: Leveraging the shift to a Data-centric world” Microshare delivers a pragmatic solution and a modular architecture to implement both a first receiver approach and tools to securely and efficiently publish and subscribe to IoT Data.

Microshare™ provides a ready-made storage and rules simple to connect to networks, including Low-Power WANs such as LoRaWAN or Sigfox, Cellular M2M such as NB-IoT, LTE-M or short range such as Bluetooth, ZigBee or Z-wave.

Microshare is a contributor member of the LoRa Alliance, the world’s fast growing IoT standard. We provide data management and application servers which integrate and complement the network servers from partners such as Actility, Kerlink, Loriot, Orbiwise, Sagemcom, The Things Network and TrackNet.

Several carriers deploying IoT networks have selected microshare’s software to accelerate their deployment and offer a more robust solution to their clients to store, enrich and share their data. Why not contact us to find out more?


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