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Microshare™ Data is a simple secure solution to connect and store any data and make it accessible to whoever you want with full control and audit

The Digital transformation of all aspects of society is creating data at a rate never seen before. The new challenge for organizations small and large is to absorb all kinds of seemingly unrelated pieces of information into a coherent usable common language and utilize it to gain competitive advantage.

Most organizations do not have easy access to a readily available place to store unstructured information. Their existing infrastructure of SQL-based database and applications does not give them the capacity or nimbleness to ingest new formats and new pieces of information immediately as they become available, causing loss of business and productivity.

Microshare Data is a universal Store & Share solution to fill that gap with three main components:

  1. to ingest information, microshare Data includes a large number of universal mechanisms for real-time integration (e.g. REST APIs, Web sockets, MQTT) and batch processing (e.g. csv files over FTP)
  2. to store the data, we provide you with a “data lake”, which will absorb all your information whether coming from IoT sensors, legacy systems such as ERP And CRM, web services or SaaS systems
  3. to share the data, you have access to a selection of automatic export and query tools which will feed the right information to your Apps, Business Intelligence or Machine Learning in real time or batch. Full Audit is automatically generated on who has accessed what information for compliance and audit purposes.

Microshare™ Data can be utilized as a stand alone solution to store and share or it can be made even more powerful by using the high-throughput Data Augmentation micro services included in microshare Stream. Microshare Data is available as a Software-as-a-Service to simplify your procurement and deployment as well as your private cloud or in-house solutions.


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