The Microsharing Economy

A Q&A with CEO Ron Rock

The much-touted revenue opportunities flowing from the Internet of Things — the coming online of millions of new data streams thanks to web-enabled devices – has so far been constrained by a combination of factors. First, the networks designed to harvest this data are by and large closed loops: proprietary silos that help an individual manufacturer, transport company or utility monitor the health and performance of components without exposing them to third parties. The other big challenge lay in the realm of security and regulatory risk: IoT data streams potentially could create such value when shared and sold to third parties that they would more than pay for the cost of the sensors and networks that create them. Yet privacy and data regulations, concerns about cyber security and how to determine who owns a piece of data at what stage of its life have proven beyond even the best software firms. believes it has the answer that will unleash the economic potential of IoT. This podcast interview with Ron Rock, CEO and co-founder, provides a look into what the microshare™ trademarked software is capable of.

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