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Securely share
the right data

with the right entity, at the right time, with complete control, compliance and auditability

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Microshare prepares your data for sharing within your ecosystem, generating insights, efficiencies, audit trails, and new revenue opportunities.

Microshare introduces the world’s first data sharing protocol: Microshare Data Ownership Framework

The new framework for data ownership based on four separate ownership levels:

Data Originator
Primary Data Owner
Co-Owners and
Enabled Parties

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Each of the four levels of data ownership would be endowed with specific roles & permissions. Overstepping these boundaries would trigger alerts and protect your data from compliance and privacy violations.

Microshare believes the Internet of Things is NOW and is a Contributor Member of the LoRa Alliance™ the global association of companies backing the open LoRaWAN™ standard for internet of things (IoT) low power wide-area network

Today in the Data Economy

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Microshare Names Former ThingWorx Executive Dave Westrom as EVP Sales

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Kerlink Announces Investment in Microshare

Partnership Will Allow Customers of
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As the global portability demands of data in new business opportunities and value
creation expands, there will also be a demand for a new data ownership framework, and a secure, scalable infrastructure to support it.

The Microshare team has spent the last 20 years refining the skills to meet this challenge.

Our Data Ownership Framework clearly delineates and defines the roles of Data Originator, Primary Owner, Co-Owners and Enabled Parties. Our Digital Ombudsman ensures complete control, audit, and compliance through rules and policy fabric governance. With Microshare as the foundation, the trillion-dollar global data mart will flourish and ultimately achieve its great promise.

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