A 21st Century Framework for Data Ownership White Paper

A 21st Century Framework for Data Ownership

By Ron Rock and Michael Moran

Executive Summary

Data is increasingly subject to ownership confusion – from individuals, companies, industries, and countries – and this confusion is acting as a barrier to the $1 trillion data marketplace that is emerging as this decade draws to a close.  Competent, compliant data sharing unlocks this barrier. Realizing the new value that data sharing unleashes through new revenue streams, transformed business models, operational efficiencies, and more, we first need to embrace a modern scalable data ownership framework.  With such a framework in place, global data marts can thrive and create the foundation of a new data driven economy. The founders of Microshare have spent a good portion of our careers answering the question: “How do I securely share the right data, with the right entity, at the right time, with complete control, compliance and auditability?” This white paper will introduce you to our 21st Century Data Ownership Framework, an approach for how to recognize who/what owns the data, who sets the rules of who can access/edit the data, how to enforce the rules, and how data can be shared and monetized downstream with complete control. We will define and articulate that for each piece of individual data, there are a Data Originator, a Primary Owner, Co-Owners, and Enabled Parties.  In addition to our framework, we introduce the notion of the Digital Ombudsman (DO), a trusted broker and enforcer of data ownership rules and conflict resolution.  Finally, with ownership clearly defined and the DO in place, our Microshare product allows data ingestion, annotation, storage and sharing at scale to realize the Trillion Dollar data market opportunity.

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