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Microshare CTO to Address BMW-TUM-EURECOM Autonomous Car Summit

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July 23, 2017

PHILADELPHIA – Microshare Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Tim Panagos has received a coveted invitation to address the 2018 BMW-TUM-EURECOM Summer School on “Intelligent Cars on Digital Roads – Frontiers in Machine Intelligence” in Germany later this month.

The annual event, held in association with five of Europe’s leading technology universities, will be held in Bavaria from July 29 to August 3, 2018. Panagos, who leads Microshare’s development team and has patents pending for the company’s innovative data sharing and governance platform, will speak on the interaction of data, privacy, and commerce in the autonomous car segment.

“With each passing model year, cars are getting smarter and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being embedded in on-board systems fed by hundreds of sensors distributed through every imaginable subsystem–from brakes to entertainment systems,” says Panagos, who has written extensively on the implications and applications of the autonomous car revolution. “My talk explores a framework for avoiding the destructive downside of personification. People love those they trust and hate those that break that trust. How can we trust our increasingly smart, connected steel companions not to sell us out to corporations that make them or the governments that regulate them?”

The BMW Summer School brings together leading researchers, technologies, policymakers and ethicists from across the world to explore the frontiers of automotive technology. Now in its 8th year, the school explores the most pressing issues in automotive design and development and in recent years has become increasingly focused on technology and its implications.

Panagos praised the seriousness with which BMW and its partners are approaching relevant data issues. “We have a special relationship with our automobiles many people feel that our cars have a unique personality to the point where we ascribe human emotion and intent to them,” Panagos says. “We form intimate bonds with these machines. This has been true since well before cars were imbued with electronic brains.“

Other topics at this year’s Summer school include human centric interaction design, emotion awareness, cognitive modeling, human mind and the ethics of emotions in automobiles, semantic IoT and a host of other topics central to the safe development of a new generation of autonomous vehicles.

About Microshare provides a highly scalable data management solution for the AI and the Internet of Things, enabling data storage and controlled access whilst maintaining privacy, security, confidentiality and applying context through a ready-built single API. The solution can be used as a cloud service or embedded inside a more complete offering and has broad applications in facilities management, health care, asset management, transportation, and smart city deployments. Microshare has offices in Philadelphia, PA, and in the United Kingdom. For more information, visit us at

Media contact: Michael Moran, Director of Communications and Security Solutions

Tim Panagos is the CTO and C0-Founder of

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