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The Microshare.io story

The three founders of Microshare.io, Ron Rock, Tim Panagos and Charles Paumelle, have known each other for over 20 years and share a wealth of experience in complex large enterprise transformation and data management. Together, they have sold and delivered complex systems to the world’s largest organizations, including American Express, GE, HSBC, HMRC or Orange. They started a global consulting organization in 2003 called Knowledge Rules which they ultimately sold to Accenture in 2010. To this day, many of Accenture’s senior executives recognize the Knowledge Rules acquisitions as one of the firm’s most successful.

After several years at Accenture helping with the integration, Ron, Tim and Charles moved on. Drawing on their experience, they had become fascinated with the intersection of mobile, enterprise and data. This led to the launch in 2013 of a new company called Point.io with a strong API and integration focus. Point.io had early success with some of Philadelphia’s largest corporations and a number of international public companies. The firm also licensed its software to several global publicly-traded software providers who embedded it into their main products, for example, Citrix Systems [NASDAQ:CTXS].

In 2016, we found themselves pulled into Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Our work on the bleeding edge of data and mobile integration at Point.io led to a realization: there is a yawning data governance gap in the current IoT stack, with most of the sector connecting data directly into apps without paying much attention to critical questions such as privacy, compliance, contextual security or, critically, how a single IoT data set could be made valuable for multiple parties. Our platform was already able to handle these challenges at massive scale and speed. The decision was made to embrace this concept, rename the company and take our powerful microshare™ suite of solutions was born.

The Microshare.io management team

Excellence in enterprise data and process

One of the projects Microshare’s founders completed while growing Knowledge Rules in 2007-2008 was a global “tax mosaic” for a US corporation with 600+ local and foreign subsidiaries. We helped them build a system to automate monthly accounting consolidation integrating a myriad of different formats into one. In addition, constant acquisitions and divestments by the client companies created the need for continually adding and removing data sources, as the corporation may have sold off 30 companies from one month to the next and acquired 20 new companies needing to be added to the system.

In this way, the Microshare leadership team developed a core competence in separating how to bring data together (integration) and how to utilize the data (governance, processes, audit). This gave us the foundational idea for our microshare™ software. IoT brings together millions of sources of data from ever-changing sources and with a variety of new formats. Our ability and tools to integrate many sources of information and add a rules-driven engine to separate concerns was suddenly becoming critical. This was proven when we were competitively selected by a new major North American LoRaWAN carrier to deliver one of their initial location-based apps. This required multiple levels of user privacy and data compliance which we were able to demonstrate on the microshare platform.

The team

We’ve built an international multi-disciplinary team where everyone can contribute to the best of their ability and constantly evolve as the emerging standards in IoT governance develop. Our team is primarily about the product and the delivery so we’ve put the emphasis on bringing on people who put our clients first and focus on delivering a great platform to build on.

We’re always looking to expand so if you think you’ve got what it takes to handle the next generation of data governance and IoT, why not get in touch?

Sweet Home Philadelphia

While our US team is spread from San Francisco to New York, from Massachusetts to Florida and our International staff roam between the United Kingdom and France, we’re proud to call Philadelphia home.

Microshare.io headquarters is in the WeWork community in Philadelphia Center City. You’ll find our headquarters at the LEED and Energy Star Certified tower 1900 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19013 .