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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing long-held assumptions about data, digital commerce and online business models. With some of the world’s largest technology companies and global enterprises struggling to keep up, we developed Microshare™ — the only ready-to-deploy solution for unlocking IoT revenue streams without compromising data governance, privacy, compliance and security.

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Our technology deploys state-of-the-art API-based rules engines and robots to secure, control and harness the data flows generated by IoT devices and traditional applications.

Our patent-pending Microshare™ technology is available to developers, OEM’s and enterprises as an off-the-shelf solution or through engagements with a development team that has worked to deliver value to some of the largest technology firms on the planet.

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Ron Rock, Tim Panagos and Charles Paumelle, have collaborated for over 20 years and share a wealth of experience in complex business technology management. They have sold and delivered enterprise systems to Accenture, American Express, General Electric, HSBC, Orange and other household brands.

In 2013 they formed a new company called Point.io with a strong API and integration focus, primarily on mobile and enterprise applications. Driven by new development and the IoT wave, the firm was renamed Microshare.io in 2017.


Microshare’s multi-disciplinary team embraces diversity and a pioneering spirit. Our corporate culture views an innovative spirit and intellectual rigor as the only way to evolve along with the IoT ecosystem. We hire people who put our clients first and focus on delivering solutions that unlock the promise of the Big Data economy.

We’re always looking to expand so if you think you’ve got what it takes to handle the next generation of data governance and IoT, why not get in touch?



While we’re proud to call Philadelphia home, our team ranges from San Francisco to New York, from Massachusetts to Florida, and our international division is based in the UK.

Microshare’s.io headquarters is located in Philadelphia’s Center City district in the LEED and Energy Star Certified 1900 Market Street. We’re a proud member of the WeWork community and a frequent collaborator with some of the city’s most storied names, including Comcast, Brandywine Real Estate Trust, Drexel University, and the City of Philadelphia itself.

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1900 Market Street, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA, 19013