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Full spectrum data governance

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Microshare.io’s comprehensive data management and governance solution, using our patent-pending Policy Fabric™, enables your business in the IoT economy. Billions of new devices are coming online every year generating zettabytes of new data. How will you feed and share that data and monetize your feeds while remaining secure, remaining compliant with privacy, regulatory and other controls all while providing complete auditability?

Microshare.io has the answer:


Microshare™ is a simple secure solution to connect to and store any data and make it accessible to whoever you want with full control and audit.

Our Stream micro services constantly work for you to augment your data with context, rules, monetization and audit.

Proven to work with leading network servers, gateways and edge computing to harness the connected economy.


Our team has been delivering business technology innovation to the world’s largest and most complex organizations for more than two decades.

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Microshare’s Policy Fabric has been delivering value to some of the world’s largest organizations for the last four years and has undergone the most rigorous scrutiny, both delivering highly sensitive data governance solutions as well as being embedded in the products of large software companies.

Security is not about locking it all down

You need to enable data access and monetization under the right circumstances. Our microshare™ software allow you to do that, without compromising your security, compliance and with full audit capabilities.

Ready-built for faster delivery

We’ve spent the last 20 years enabling data governance and the last four building a robust, flexible platform so you can focus on delivering great new products. You can embed as much or as little of our technology as necessary to make your projects faster.

Feeding the Analytics and Machine Learning

You know the possibilities of accessing and monetizing all of your data by harnessing Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. We enable that while keeping you safe from data and privacy breach liabilities.