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IoT and GDPR

Today in the Data Economy

Kerlink Announces Investment in Microshare

Partnership Will Allow Customers of
Both Companies to Increase Revenue From Data Streams, and Support Kerlink’s International Expansion…


Toward a Sentient Building

Tim Panagos on what would take a building from simply ‘smart’ to fully ‘sentient’. Smart involves the instrumentation of core systems to provide sensing and actuation that optimize the operations of the property and…


Microshare In Bristol

Microshare CEO Ron Rock addressing the Future of IoT conference in Bristol, UK, on the rich revenue potential of IoT data…


Breaking out of IoT silos and converting data streams into new sources of revenue will require proven, reliable, audit-ready tools for sharing just the right data at just the right moment. Our comprehensive Microshare™ data management and governance software provides granular control of the information flowing through the arteries of your business. With billions of new IoT devices coming online every year, we enable you to harvest the utility value of all this new data with full compliance, control and audit.

Microshare™ Stream

Microshare Stream is about augmenting your raw data to equally make it more useful …


Unleash New Revenue

Unleash new revenue with secure, compliant, audit ready microshare™…


IoT Ready

Every IoT solution is enabled by components, sensors & devices…


Case Study: Delivery Truck Tracker

Microshare Vehicle Live Tracking

Microshare.io programmed and implemented a real-time vehicle tracking system in a major American city that is viewable on laptop, tablet, desktop and mobile devices. We installed sensors on all vehicles, testing for signal quality, blind spots and success rates. A unique app was created to track the signal success. The real-time dashboard was displayed on a wide screen HD monitor while a secondary phone app allowed transit consumers to determine when their vehicle would arrive.

Our team has been delivering business technology innovation to the world’s largest and most complex organizations for more than two decades.

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Feeding the Analytics and Machine Learning

New revenue streams start to flow when you harness Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning in your business systems. We enable that monetization while keeping you safe from data and privacy breach liabilities.

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Security is not about locking it all down

Data access and monetization will be necessary under the right circumstances. Our microshare™ software allows you to do that without compromising security or compliance and with full audit capabilities.

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Proven with the largest organizations

Microshare.io has been delivering value to some of the world’s largest organizations for years. Under rigorous scrutiny, we are delivering data governance for the real estate, telecom and financial sectors and microshare™ is embedded under license in the products of large software companies.

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