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Smart Airport

Superior Passenger Experience
with Microshare®

Real-time response to passenger and airlines needs

Microshare’s Smart Airport Management (SAM) solutions offer airport managers a turnkey solution to monitor and react to events across the facilities.

Our SAM suite is quick to deploy, inexpensive to maintain, and constantly able to adapt to your changing needs. Leverage data to better manage staff and subcontractors in ways that control costs, avoid liabilities, improve relations with passengers, subcontractors and airlines, and help deliver the best passenger experience.

Is it IoT? Yes. Is it difficult? Not with Microshare®.

Smart Parking

Asset Geolocation

Predictive Cleaning

Smart Asset Monitoring

Begin your digital transformation on solid ground

Using the Microshare® open, standards-based platform for data sharing and governance, you get the best of both worlds: the simplicity to roll out ready-made solutions for Smart Airport and the power to add new capabilities through new sensors or integration of new systems.

All data collected can be shared with the right parties and systems at the right time, through standard integrations.

Make passenger journeys smoother with Microshare® IoT-driven Smart Airport solutions

Real-time monitoring of parking spaces using long range wireless sensors with 5-10 years battery life. Improve passenger experience whilst maximizing income.

Know in real-time where your wheelchairs or your luggage carts are so you can utilize your resources more effectively. Low-cost asset trackers which operate indoors and outdoors give you the insight.

Monitor bathroom usage so you can deploy cleaning staff where and when it’s needed rather than on a fixed schedule. Reduce operational costs and improve satisfaction scores.

Get warnings and alerts before your key assets break down. Avoid downtime from anything like luggage belts, escalators or hot water pipes with real-time monitoring of assets.

Data sharing is the key to Smart Airports

The powerful Microshare® platform is the engine of our Smart Airport Management solution.
Microshare® allows you to add new sensors to your network to measure more with the same simple to understand dashboards and alerts. New data, legacy data – it all integrates seamlessly. By combining sensor data with operational data you and your business partners can make decisions to prevent negative passenger experience and additional costs.

Microshare® can integrate data to your Enterprise Asset Management systems, your work planning systems and your passenger experience systems, whether you use cloud services or older in-house systems. Bring that data together and give it new life without needing costly upgrades and vendor-specific features. And Microshare’s, patent-pending data governance system ensures that the data is protected but available only to those authorized to see it, and only when you decide they need it.

Low-Power Network deployment choices

Microshare® is a Contributor member of the LoRa Alliance, a global non-profit organization with 500+ members working together to enable low power sensors, actuators and networks.

Our Smart Airport solutions build on this great ecosystem of vendors to provide Airport operators more choice and better value. We support all the major suppliers of LoRaWAN™ network servers, such as Actility, Kerlink, Loriot, Orbiwise, The Things Network and TrackNet, and our solutions can be deployed with a private/dedicated network or leverage a public network/operator.

Microshare Smart Airports solutions are delivered by our network of delivery partners. Contact us if you would like to be a value-added reseller or system integrator of Microshare® solutions.