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Asset, Environment,
Traffic, and Energy

City & council officials need to monitor pollution level and report to residents

Impact of construction/re-development
Traffic and seasonality variations
Health alerts

Microshare supports a number of ready-made LoRaWAN products designed for outdoor air quality monitoring, including temperature, humidity, PM2.5 dust and make this data available to public Open Data repositories

Asset Tracking: Buses and Transportation

Provide real-time notifications on when buses are likely to arrive at stops

Better bus user experience
Better fleet management for bus operators

Microshare has ready-made solutions for bus tracking using GlobalSat LT-100H GPS trackers and TrackNet LoRaWAN vehicle tracker

Smart Waste & Recycling

Waste management is a key driver for municipalites to improve on

CO2/pollution reduction by reducing truck rotations through emptying when needed rather than on fixed schedule
Better resident service by avoiding overfills

Microshare incorporates the LoRaWAN SmarterBins sensors to monitor fill levels and send providers alerts or feed route planning systems

Transformers, Cabinets & Equipment Monitoring

Operations managers for Telco Operators and other companies need easy ways to monitor street cabinets:

Receive alerts/alarms when thresholds are detected (e.g. too hot, high humidity)
Receive alerts when door is left ajar after a certain period
Better resource allocation

Using temp/humidity sensors and door open/close sensors, Microshare provides cabinet monitoring with rapid deployment and integration to operations systems, email or SMS platforms.

Street Maintenance & Safety – Manhole Covers

Public Safety:Manhole Covers

Manhole covers not properly secured present Health and safety risks and potential liabilities for companies
Simple sensors such as the Gemtek WSMS-125 combined with Microshare can send alerts and alarms when manhole covers are not repositioned in due time
Better resource allocation

Using position sensors, Microshare provides infrastructure monitoring with rapid deployment and integration to operations systems, email or SMS platforms.