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Microshare’s Smart Facilities Management (SFM) solution offers property owners, managers, FM providers and tenants as a turnkey solution to controlling costs and problems across a portfolio of properties.

Our SFM suite is quick to deploy, inexpensive to maintain, and constantly able to adapt to your changing needs. Leverage data to better manage staff and subcontractors in ways that control costs, avoid liabilities, improve relations with vendors and tenants, and help shape future lease and contract terms.

Is it IoT? Yes. Is it difficult? Not with Microshare™.

The powerful Microshare platform is the engine of our Smart Facilities Management solution.

Microshare allows you to add new sensors to your network to measure more with the same simple to understand dashboards and alerts. New data, legacy data – it all integrates seamlessly. By combining sensor data with operational data your company can make decisions that balance costs with revenue generating opportunities.

Microshare can integrate data from your accounting systems, leasing systems, and service request systems whether you use cloud services or older in-house systems. Bring that data together and give it new life without needing costly upgrades and vendor-specific features. And Microshare’s, patent-pending data governance system ensures that the data is protected but available only to those authorized to see it, and only when you decide they need it. From cost-savings to right-sizing your staff, from theft prevention to new revenue based on data brokerage, Microshare does it all.

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Go from reactive cleaning to “predictive cleaning” and lower costs through preventative, predictive maintenance. In real-time, measure and then improve cleaning service workflows, optimizing staffing and equipment requirements along the way. Take action before there is a complaint and become aware of potential service deficiencies before problems turn into complaints or even lawsuits.  Dashboards and reports give you visibility into the performance of cleaning services measured against optimized goals. This is actionable intelligence that helps reduce wasteful spending, staffing and results in visible improvements in the comfort and satisfaction of those occupying and transiting your facility.

Microshare dashboards and alerts allow you to observe and measure the usage and comfort of all work spaces, common areas and public spaces in real-time, at the individual, team or facility level. In real-time, monitor room temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and air quality. Track usage of meeting spaces, desks, and concentration rooms. This intelligence will drive improvements to space management that lead to greater occupant satisfaction as well as a more efficient management of operational spend. Leverage these insights to win favorable lease terms and to right-size staffing and maintenance in your facility.

Support vast improvements in the tenant experience – in a completely different way than you ever have before – by providing tools that give tenants the ability to make on-demand requests for reserving everything from conference rooms to parking spots to recreational spaces. Dashboards and reports give you visibility into how and when such spaces are used, enabling more cost-efficient decisions on staffing, cleaning, lighting, heat and air conditioning. Improvements like these have a direct impact on customer satisfaction, which in turn informs the next round of negotiations over leases and contracts.


Understand and leverage the movement of people and things throughout your facility with discrete, inexpensive motion sensors. Track and optimize the flow of traffic through common areas, facility entrances and exits, stairways and elevators. Capture foot traffic numbers into retail and commercial spaces and ‘window shopping’ flow past your tenants’ shops to better understand the relative value of units within your properties. Dashboards and reports allow cross-referencing of traffic data to help plan reconfigurations, identify bottlenecks and potentially enable revenue through sales of relevant data to third parties, including municipal services, utilities and financial data brokerages.


Achieve substantial gains in energy efficiency through real-time monitoring and control of energy consumption. Better understand peak demand by monitoring usage. Optimize usage of lighting, HVAC and other loads. Dashboards and reports give you visibility into the evolution of energy consumption and equipment usage, and under what conditions. Identify where performance enhancements and improvements are needed, leading to strategies to lower your overall energy costs. Take action before there is a complaint by identifying problems before they affect customer satisfaction. Derive real, actionable data to manage the maintenance and replace lifecycle of your equipment and capital assets.


Know where, when, and how frequently power tools, ladders, kitchen appliances, forklifts, vending machines, elevators, fire extinguishers and other expensive assets are used or abused. Prevent unaccountable damage and theft with sensors that feed dashboards and alerts in case of unauthorized use or removal of an asset from the property. Understand wear and tear and the true lifecycle of these assets with regard to maintenance, depreciation and replacement. Lower insurance costs through averted claims and fewer failures and unplanned outages of key equipment. Improve safety and productivity of your facility’s staff and occupants by knowing vital equipment is in place, maintained and ready to use in an emergency.


By deploying Microshare Smart Facilities Management, you unleash the future potential of the Internet of Things. The Microshare Smart Facilities Management solution not only brings cost savings, operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction, it also opens the way to new revenue models. Insurers, local authorities, utilities and other potential clients exist for the data your facility is now producing. Microshare’s ability to share and manage your data through micro-contracts — with full compliance, privacy, and security controls — can turn your brick-and-mortar facility into a digital engine for new revenue sources.

Unleash your data and future proof your operation with the Microshare Smart Facilities Management solution.

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