Microshare™ Stream services constantly work for you to augment your data with context, rules, monetization and audit

Your photo collection became a lot easier to use and more valuable once you could search photos by time, location or even by faces. This “meta-data” or additional attributes to the raw picture were either automatically captured at source by the device taking the picture (e.g. timestamp, location), added later by a human or derived by a computer using machine learning and artifical intelligence (e.g. face recognition).

Microshare Stream is about augmenting your raw data to equally make it more useful and making you more productive through the use of automated tools adding the right meta-data to the raw information, whether that information is a […]

July 10th, 2017|

Microshare™ Data is a simple secure solution to connect and store any data and make it accessible to whoever you want with full control and audit

The Digital transformation of all aspects of society is creating data at a rate never seen before. The new challenge for organizations small and large is to absorb all kinds of seemingly unrelated pieces of information into a coherent usable common language and utilize it to gain competitive advantage.

Most organizations do not have easy access to a readily available place to store unstructured information. Their existing infrastructure of SQL-based database and applications does not give them the capacity or nimbleness to ingest new formats and new pieces of information immediately as they become available, causing […]

July 10th, 2017|

Microshare™ IoT is proven to work with leading network servers, gateways and edge computing to harness the connected economy

The Internet of Things is developing at an accelerated rate to provide solutions to make our life smarter: smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, smart healthcare, smart transport or smart energy and many more.

Every Internet of Things solutions is enabled by three components:

  1. sensors/devices: the famous “Things” which measure, detect and generate data, also called “end points” or ”nodes”
  2. network/radio: the mechanism through which data is transported
  3. applications: the consumers of the information which display or make use of the data

The initial wave of IoT tended to create a direct exclusive link between all three. For example “the accelerometer (sensor) on my […]

July 10th, 2017|