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Simple real-time monitoring of use and occupancy of desks, conference rooms and public areas

get started

Gain immediate understanding of desks, space utilization and room occupancy

How many desks or meeting rooms are available now?
Historical data on desk or meeting room usage over time
Can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and computers
Can be exported to spreadsheets for analysis
Easy installation instructions
Technical support from Microshare

what you get

Microshare back-end and dashboard

  • Simple set-up, Dazzling data displays

Long Battery Life Sensors

  • Simple to install with no wires
  • 4-year battery life
  • No personal data
  • Place in a convenient spot

Long Range Network Hub

  • A single hub covers several floors of your building
  • Simply connects to your existing Internet over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Compact and stylish
  • Compatible with thousands of LoRaWAN™ IoT sensors

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